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REACH YOUR SUMMIT provides entrepreneurial business opportunities for Avondale High School students.

Gift of Giving develops business opportunities, invests in required equipments, and then recruits business leaders to mentor the students.

Currently, there are two active non-profit businesses under the umbrella of Gift of Giving:

A Coffee Roasting Company focuses on small batch freshly roasted coffee.  Avondale High School students run the business by purchasing green coffee beans, roast the green coffee beans, sell and deliver roasted coffee beans to the customers.  The team rotates through the four parts of the organization: Business Strategies, Finance, Operations, and Sales & Marketing.


To learn more about Beans to Bags, please visit



A Photography company focuses on meeting the photography needs of our customers by focusing on senior picture photography, family photography, children photography, sports action shots, and more.  The team consists of Avondale High School Students who are in the Yearbook Club and have an interest and passion of capturing those special moments for our customers.


To learn more about Moments Photography, please visit

Beans to Bags

Moments Photography

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