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Igniting Your Curiosity


Summer Enrichment for K-8th
Gift of Giving Presents
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Deadline to Sign Up:  June 25th

Gift of Giving is offering FREE summer enrichment programs call SPARK, igniting curiosity of young minds.  This program is being offered to AVONDALE STUDENTS ONLY in K-8th.  The four focus areas are health & fitness, life science, arts & crafts, and STEM.   Click on the tabs of each focus area to learn more and to sign up!

Programs are available first come first serve basis.   Students must sign up to participate.  Parents/guardians must sign in & sign out the date of the program.

Date:  July 12 - July 29 (K-8th)
Location:  Auburn Elementary | 2900 Waukegan

Enrichment Activities Include:


  • Crafts - Hosted by Avondale Teachers Kristen Larson and Lori Sakalian and Clarkston Teacher Kelly Folger

  • Canvas Painting - Hosted by Painting with the Twists



  • Hands on Science - Hosted by Mad Science

  • Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream - Hosted by Avondale Teacher Kathy Bommarito

  • Coding - Hosted by Donearl Johnson and Team

  • Reptile and Creepy Crawlies Assembly - Hosted by Dan the Creature Man

Phyiscal Education   

  • Yoga - Hosted by Updog Yoga

  • Sports - Hosted by Avondale staff Dallas Paritee and Roy Christmon

Date:  August 2 - August 5 (4th-8th)
Location:  Auburn Elementary | 2900 Waukegan

Kaleo Songwriter Workshops

Our songwriter workshops are crafted for upper elementary students to write and record an original song from scratch as a class. To get there, the workshop includes writing exercises, brainstorming topics, and group collaboration with a professional songwriter as their guide. Students learn how to write song lyrics, work together to put their words to music and experience the process of creating an original song. Through this process they develop their skills in creative writing, public speaking and teamwork. The songs are then performed or recorded at the end of the workshop.

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